Friday, 29 June 2007

Guinness Boot Camp Ad

This was a recent one for Guinness Boot Camp. The brief was for a very stark, almost stencilled look, so we had graffiti sprays and runs coming off the main figure:

Here's the storyboard and final logo:

And here's the finished ad:

Guinness pint

I'm sometimes asked to do very detailed, realistic stuff. This all done in Photoshop. It usually makes me want to go off and make a big mess with buckets and tarpaulins, but I couldn't be bothered cleaning up after myself.

Alice Cooper

This became a real mask handed out free to advertise Ms Cooper's new radio show in Ireland. We had to make the mouth bigger to avoid people cutting their tongue in the hole.

Black and white visuals

A few more black and white visuals.

Cartoon styles

I sometimes get asked to do cartoons, but I don't have any one style so I have to show clients this sort of thing.


Here's what I do for a day job. Storyboards and visuals for advertising. Copy and paste the URLs below to see the finished ads.

To view the one above, copy and paste this url into your browser:

To view this one, copy and paste:


I gave out linocuts of this pig as Christmas presents. The blue water was added recently after seeing an amazing kids book cover in London that I can't recall the title of.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Museum drawings

The British Museum has loads of wonderful sculptures in the basement. One is an enormous half foot with gigantic toes. I can't compete with that.


I'm getting wed soon. This is how we're telling our friends and family. It's a sort of cloth invite crossed with a hankie. I hope no-one blows their nose on it. And we can't decide on whether it would be best delivered by gilded pigeon or stuck to the back of a blind greengrocer.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Doodle time

Peacock Illustration

This picture was one of several I proposed to advertise an upcoming play at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin. They've chosen another route, so I might as well show the runners-up. I like what they chose, so fingers crossed (I should have that as my family motto).