Thursday, 3 May 2007

Well, for starters...

Okay, first attempt - let's see if this works. Ah, it does. Good. Like everyone else on their first blog, I have no idea what I'll be posting here. It'll probably be a dumping ground/diary/gallery of whatever work I happen to be doing, along with some older stuff. To kick off, here's some people I met on my year's travels. I drew Jun-ko in Bali, surrounded by locals from the scuba dive shop. She was my instructor. I intend to tidy up my travel sketches and journal sometime, but here's a sample for now.

These guys worked at a hotel in Siem Reap, in Cambodia:

Hong Kong Tai Chi people. A lovely sunny day in the park, skyscrapers all around:

Here's some recent life sketches. I've been going to evening sessions lately and reminding myself just how hard it is. The best work is usually done either at the beginning when you're loosening up on some one-minute poses, or right at the end when you're less precious.

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